Hey!~ You probably stumbled upon this page because you're an artist or you know someone who is an artist. That's great! There are numerous ways to contribute all kinds of drawings to the Wild Times convention and we're happy to feature everyone passionate about their work!

Like many other conventions, Wild Times will offer a souvenir con book containing a convention guide with important information and custom art! 

Our con book will be printed in full color, and you can submit both full size artwork and smaller images to be featued in the book! Please stick to 300 DPI or higher resolution in order to avoid things looking blurry.

Some of your art could even be used anywhere around the convention space this year and following years - we'll make the most out of every submission and some art will certainly be used to decorate convention hallways, banners and more! And of course, full credit will be given everywhere your art is featured. 


Final deadline for con book / submitted art: July 31st 2022

Files that are sent too late, have low resolution, or include inappropriate elements (nudity, brutality, etc.) might be rejected. If you're unsure if your art is suitable for the con, please feel free to contact the organizers!


Full Page Illustrations



148mm x 210mm

300dpi 1748px x 2480px




Graphical files should have a JPEG or TIFF (lossless) format, most preferably in CMYK color space (RGB color space is accepted but we cannot guarantee accurate color reproduction).

Please make sure submitted pages have a 4mm cropping area along all edges as they might be cut off in printing. Please don't put any important details there.


How to Submit Your Art

Submitting your art and getting in touch with us is easy! You can simply contact @Rakurim or @Kerubia on Telegram or send a mail to for any questions / submissions!


Weasel's Reference Sheet

Our con mascot has his very own reference sheet! If you decide to include him in your drawing (it's not a requirement), you should definitely look at this reference sheet made by Meoxie! And yes, our con weasel is simply called 'Weasel'. Sneaky, isn't it?

Link to full resolution reference sheet of 'Weasel'


Kitsune's Reference Sheet

Weasel made a new friend in 2021! Meet: Kitsune! We can't wait to see all the adventures Weasel and Kitsune have ahead of them! Kitsune was designed (and drawn) by the very talented Garruuk!

Link to full resolution reference sheet of 'Kitsune'


Artist Achievement 2022

By submitting art, you can claim the Artist 202 Achievement as a reward to show on this year's (or any upcoming year's) con badge! You don't even need to attend this year's con to unlock this achievement to display it in the future. How cool is that?!?